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desert hills carpet cleaning - carpet cleaning in desert hills top1If you are searching for an expert company offering carpet cleaning in Desert Hills, we are the team you are looking for! Here at JCS Clean, our list of cleaning services includes carpet cleaning services for the Desert Hills area, but we don't stop there...we also provide carpet Cleaning Protection, and when accidents happen we can help with Carpet Repair and Pet Odor Decontamination services. We have a great reputation for our skilled carpet techs, since they are certified by the IICRC (International Institute of Carpet and Restoration Cleaning) and know several of the best methods for cleaning soiled and high traffic carpeted areas.

We can bring back the life that your carpet in your office or home once had. Depending on each situation, we choose the best cleaning method in order to remove stains and extract dirt without damaging your floors. One way we provide top notch service is to continually update our equipment, tools, and cleaning education. Please take a look at  our Desert Hills carpet cleaning services below.

Carpet Cleaning Protection

When you buy brand new carpet, today most avalibale carpets come from the factory with some level of stain guard protection. Just like any other chemical, this protection tends to wears off with usage and time due to everyday use, cleaning and pro carpet cleaning. Once way to extend the longevity of your flooring is to apply new carpet protectants. In our experience, most clients we service prefer to have new carpet protection applied after and expert cleaning.

JCS Clean has seen a huge improvement in extending a carpets life and the look when carpet is protected as opposed to a carpet than has not . With all of the carpet our team has seen, the difference is day and night. Although this is a small additional cost,  both our clients and JCS Clean feels it is worth it when you compare the cost of premature carpet replacement costs.

Please feel free to contact us for more info or to schedule a cleaning and application of stain guard protection in Desert Hills.

Carpet Repair in Desert Hills

desert hills carpet cleaning - carpet cleaning in desert hills repair1If you are like other clients we work with, the moment you see your carpet has rips, tears or other waves it can begins to really make the entire room look worse than it actually is. Also, if a that repair is not immediatly fixed, the issue can quickly take a turn for the worse as the tear or rip gets snagged or pulled opened further. If you are looking for Desert Hills carpet repair, please contact us!

Perhaps your carpet is not ripped, but like other families you have accidentally splashed bleach near the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and it has left an unsightly breach stain. JCS Clean can help with that problem too! Please contact the repair experts of JCS Cleaning. Remember, the question is will be impressed by what our team can do with our skill and equipment. If you need carpet repair in Desert Hills, please reach out to us and we will be glad to provide you with a plan of action.

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