Carpet Cleaning 85085 Sonoran Foothills

CarpetCleaning85085 DesertHillsCarpetCleaning


Carpet Cleaning in Anthem 85086

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This heavy traffic area just out side of the Kitchen really took a beating with Soil & Grease.  We Cleaned the Carpets by first using our PreSpray, followed by Steam Cleaning the Carpets then finally rinsing the carpet with our No Residue Rinse. 


North Phoenix / Norterra Carpet Cleaning

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This High End Textured Berber Carpet in North Phoenix / Norterra 85085 had some dark traffic patterns caused by wearing Shoes and dogs.  We used are 4 step process to remove the set in soil by first PreSpray, Scrubbing, Steam Clean and finally using our No Residue Rinse


Anthem 85086 Carpet Cleaning


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We used a great PreSpay made by ProChem to help rid the soil embedded in the carpet.  Then followed with High Pressure Stem Cleaning and extracting.  This method has clean some of the filthy carpets in Anthem to bring them back to life and look new again. 



85085 Carpet Cleaning

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85085 Carpet Cleaning_85086 Carpet Cleaning


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