Natural Stone Services



Hole and Crack Repair

The severity of the hole or crack that needs repair will determine the best mode of renovation. In some cases honing is the best solution, other times the cracks are so deep that alternative measures of repair must be taken.


JCS also provides ongoing maintenance service for your precious NATUARL STONE.

Stain removal

We remove stains by using a STONE friendly, water based soap that is specially designed to remove stains caused by dirt, oils, and organic materials. This dirt rises to the surface and is washed away with steam or hot water. The degree and the nature of the stain determines if only the soap should be used, or if the stone should be grinded and honed as well.


Sealing is done after the STONE has been properly stripped and cleaned of all contaminates. It is where a clear protective barrier guards your NATURAL STONE'S surface from future damage. We have both water and silicone based products.


The stone’s polished look is mostly the result of grinding the STONE with varying grades of abrasive diamond disks, until the surface is smooth and even. Our highly trained craftsmen would then use a solvent based enhancer made of a special blend of silicone oils. This beautifies the stones surface by enhancing the natural colors in the stone, giving it a polished look. The protective sealing process can also contribute to the glossy finish.

Color Enhancement

Color enhancement is a process designed to permanently change the stone color. It is often used if the homeowner wants to enhance the look of the stone to reflect certain change in decor or simply to enhance a not so perfect stone. The stone will retain its original beauty. Certainly it is a process that requires careful consideration.


When the stone has become uneven or has deep scratches, grinding may be the best solution. It is a process where the stone’s surface is “sanded” with varying grades of diamond disks so that the stone is even and smooth.


Honing is a process much like grinding it is done by smoothing the surface of the stone with fine diamond discs. This is an extremely delicate process but when done properly it gives the stone a sleek and even finish.


Is when all chemicals and sealers are removed from the stones surface. This is done so that when the stone gets deep cleaned, polished and resealed it has an even and uniform treatment.

In addition to the services listed above we also provide: Grout Cleaning.




All Services Can Be Customized To Your Needs